Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his teammate Marcos Rojo both suffered injuries in Manchester United’s match against Anderlecht. Both have a ‘significant knee-ligament damage’.

Jose Mourinho conceded that Ibrahimovis’s circumstances has made the injury ‘really hard’ (Ibrahimovis is 35, so chances to completely recover are less likely), but he was reluctant to discuss how this injury would impact his football career forward, either at Old Trafford (Manchester United’s home ground) or the game.

Without Ibrahimovic and Rojo the team went on to win by 2-0 at the Sunday’s Premier League game against Burnley. In response to this, Mourinho said that the team is crying because they have two important injuries in two amazing players. They are not crying because they lack their brilliant skills and the quality of the match being affected but because there are two important surgeries and two vital periods of recovering time required and their hearts reach out to their suffering teammates.

Mourinho added that he doesn’t know how long will it take for these players to return to the field or team. It is up to the medical department, so as and when the medical department declares that the players fit to play, we will see them in action. But we all should wait a couple more days because the players wish to see other specialists and get an extra opinion and that has to be respected.

When asked for the current state of the injured players, Mourinho said that he doesn’t care about the outcome at this particular moment. He just wishes to see his player recover well. He doesn’t feel sad for the team because that impacted the spirit and morale of the team in terms of results and ambition. He is just thinking of the players who are fit to play and the target that is to be achieved.

In Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s case, it could spell the end of his United career as his one-year deal expires this summer, while such a serious injury may also threaten his career. Jose Mourinho acknowledged the fact that Zlatan faces a difficult road to recovery referring to his age but Manchester United is stressing that Zlatan should focus on the rehabilitation rather than the thoughts of whether he could ever play again.

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