Arne Wilberg was a recruiter for more than four years at YouTube, and for more than five years for Google on a contract basis and as an employee. He was terminated last year. The person has accused that company has stopped hiring white and Asian men for technical post. Henceforth, he filled a case against the company.

He said that company has stopped hiring of white and Asian men. He claimed that Google and its 25 unnamed employees are forcing to obey discriminatory hiring rules and quoting emails and other documents. He claimed that the company is canceling interviews of non-diverse applicants up to certain level. He claimed that Google is pressuring recruiters to look for black, female, and Hispanic applicants to maintain diversity policies of the company.

Wilberg added that he was fired as a revenge for his complaints against this pressure and disobeying the orders of unfair hiring and cancellation of interviews. He complained many times against policy of hiring on the basis of gender and identity. He said that the tech giant has fired many employees who have complained about their policies and took a stand against the company.

The former employee recently filed a case against the company in National Labor Relations Board. However, the general council has claimed that Google has not violated any rule or policy of company by firing him.

Separately a former female employee has filed a lawsuit against companies “bro culture”. She claimed that she was a subject of fun due to this culture.

The company rejected blame and said that they have a clear policy to hire on basis of merit, not by their identity. As well, they try to find the diverse eligible candidate from the diverse pool for open roles that help to maintain the culture and develop better products. Also, the company claimed that they have hired many Asian men, of course on the basis eligibility.

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