Yahoo has upped the security ante for its mail app on Android by providing it support for fingerprint scanning enabling users to secure their inbox using biometrics.

The fingerprint support comes just days after one of the largest security breaches in company’s history. While the breach is something that highlights issues with Yahoo’s security infrastructure, it is definitely a positive sign that the company believes in doing everything it can to keep its users’ data secure and that’s evident from the official support for something like Google’s Fingerprint API. The support for fingerprint API comes with the latest mail app that can be updated through Google Play Store.

Yahoo revealed before a few days that account information including names, email addresses, date of birth, phone numbers of a whopping 500 million users was stolen from the company’s network in late 2014. Yahoo says that no financial details were stolen as that information is not stored on systems that was affected by the hack. The Internet company further added that their investigation hints at a “state-sponsored actor”, but that actor is not present in their network anymore.

Coming back to the Fingerprint API, it is the same one that has been used in Nexus 6P and 5X and chances are that the same API has been used in upcoming Pixel-branded phones.

The updated Yahoo mail app on Android now allows users to input either a fingerprint or a custom, app-specific password to access account changes and the app itself, both of which are optional. Further, the update also brings with it the ability to change account information right from the app instead of going to Android’s Accounts menu, and a quicker way to modify contact info.

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