The Windows 10 update debacle has forced Microsoft to issue an apology as thousands were affected by the ‘inadvertent deployment’ of an unapproved build.

The internal Windows 10 build was released accidentally after the build from some of its internal branches for PC and mobile were rolled out due to the “inadvertent deployment” to the engineering system that controls the release of builds to the Windows Insiders.

Microsoft issued an apology last Friday for the issue and also revealed that they will not be releasing any new builds this week.  What is worrisome is that Windows 10 testers who installed the mobile build, had their phones into a reboot loop which led the devices to crash.To come out of this problem, testers will have to recover and wipe the device using the Windows Device Recovery Tool. Meanwhile, Windows 10 testers who installed the PC build will have to wait for Microsoft to publish a newer build or roll back using the recovery option in Windows 10 settings.

The company also added that they have taken measures to ensure that development builds do not make it to the engineering systems that control release of builds to Windows Insiders.

Dona Sarkar, Microsoft’s head of its Windows Insiders programme, wrote in a blog post “We apologise for this inconvenience and thank you for being a Windows Insider.

The Windows Insider by Microsoft is a programme that allows users who own a valid Windows 10 license to sign up for early builds of the operating system previously only accessible to developers.

The term build refers to the process by which source code is converted into a stand-alone form that can be run on a computer. Microsoft said although it has put blocks in place to check the dissemination of the build, a “small portion” of Windows 10 users still received them.

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