A few days back we had reported that Microsoft has planned an event on May 2 centred around education and now we have a new leak that confirms existence of Windows 10 Cloud and the possibility that the Microsoft event could see launch of Chromebook competitors powered by Windows 10 Cloud.

The leak reveals minimum hardware specifications of Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud-powered laptops. The leak was first reported by Windows Central wherein they revealed details about “recommended minimum spec” document, which is believed to have been handed out to Microsoft’s partners.

The document contains details about Microsoft expectations as far as its Windows 10 Cloud is concerned. The document also details “Edu Cloud device” that features extensive battery life, quick boot and resume cycle, and at least a quad-core Intel Celeron processor behind the scenes.

It wasn’t a long shot to assume that Microsoft is to reveal details of Chromebook competitor considering the theme of event on May 2 is education. Microsoft has almost always dominated the consumer and enterprise computing market – and lately the two-in-one market with its Surface Pro range of tablets [Surface Pro 4 prices reduced by up to 27%] – but has never been really that strong in the education niche.

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That’s something that Google exploited through its Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks thereby garnering a huge fanfare in the education sector. Microsoft seems to have realized that education holds a massive potential considering there are very few competitors. Releasing a full-fledged Windows 10 powered device doesn’t make sense for the education segment as the device will become expensive as well as bulky.

The way out then is a cloud powered OS – Windows 10 Cloud in this case that is not only simple to use and manage, but also versatile and apt for students and teachers alike. Windows 10 Cloud will likely contain on the essential features required by students and teachers. The OS will not allow users to install non-Windows Store apps and this effectively will enable Microsoft to keep close control over the quality of the apps being released for Windows 10 Cloud.

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Some of the specifications mentioned by Microsoft in the document are 10-plus hours of battery life, cold-boot times of 20 seconds and resume times of under 2 seconds, at least a quad-core chip, 4GB of RAM, and at least 32GB of eMMC or SSD storage. Microsoft has listed pen and touchscreen capabilities as “optional”.

Surface Pro 5 powered by Windows 10 Cloud?

Surface Pro 5 has been confirmed and while we await the launch of the device, there are speculations that Microsoft may launch a Windows 10 Cloud powered Surface Pro 5 at a lower price point to target students. Tablets have found increased adoption in the education niche, but Microsoft doesn’t have a presence there.

Surface Pro 5 is the right platform alongside Windows 10 powered laptops to appeal to students and teachers alike. Alongside a full Windows 10 Professional powered Surface Pro 5, a Windows 10 Cloud-powered Surface Pro 5 will make a huge difference and increase customer base for Microsoft – a move that will prove strategically beneficial in the long run. Check out massive discounts on Surface Pro 4.

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