Sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) near International Space Station (ISS) which are often dismissed by NASA as distortions in the lens aren’t uncommon and in a new sighting, alien enthusiasts have spotted an alleged fleet of UFOs.

NASA ISS live feed is the source of the sighting with YouTuber Secure Team 10 claiming that they have definitive evidence that there is alien activity around the ISS and their latest proof is six UFOs flying past the ISS. Soon after these UFOs were spotted, Secure Team 10 says that the live NASA feed was cut off.

In the footage that is recorded part of the entire ISS live feed we can see that six UFOs are flying past the ISS entering the focus area of the camera from the right and flying across to the left of the screen. The UFOs appear to be at some distance from the ISS and while they may seem to be small ball sized objects, the YouTuber is of the opinion that they are anything but small ball sized objects.

According to alien hunter Tyler Glockner of Secure Team 10 these objects are fairly large and we are probably looking at six UFOs each of which is as massive as an iceberg.

NASA has time and again rejected these claims as absurd and offered an explanation that these anomalies are nothing but distortions in the lens.

Space experts and writers who are not entirely sold by such videos popping up on the Internet are sceptical. Many of these authors and experts including Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, are of the opinion that these ‘anomalies’ or ‘sightings’ says are most probably mainly due to reflections and space junk and when alien hunters and UFO enthusiasts label them as sightings, they do it out of their wishful thinking that the footage and images are an evidence of alien life and interactions that NASA is already having with an alien race, but hiding from us.

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  1. nasa has distortion in the head……….. I hear it’s run by the nazi shadow government which is loyal to satan and trades human beings for technology. nasa denies everything and knows nothing about anything and are not accountable to anyone; so what doe you expect from a bunch of nassholes

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