Drug users have been complaining that the new £5 note that has been responsible cutting noses when snorting cocaine. According to The Metro, this phenomenon is termed ‘getting Winstoned’ in reference to Winston Churchill picture on the new plastic fiver. This has turned out to be unintentional side effect of the new notes.
Paper £5 notes were withdrawn from circulation on Saturday and have been replaced by new plastic ones. These new notes are thicker and stiffer than the previous one.

Addiction charities have warned the drug users of the risk of opening themselves to criminal offences and various types of infections. Drug treatment charity Addaction says that sharing notes to snort powdered drugs puts people at risk of contracting blood borne viruses including Hepatitis C that kills nearly 700,000 people a year. Cuts to the nostrils could mean you are exchanging blood in the process, so that risk is going to be all the greater.

A cocaine user in Birmingham told The Metro, “I thought I was the only person to have had my nose cut by the new fiver. But when I told my friend about the agony I was suffering from and he said I had been ‘Windstoned’ and it was happening to everyone.” Another anonymous cocaine addict said that the new fivers originally felt like a godsend gift because they rolled up a lot better than its paper predecessors. But ending up with a cut nose isn’t uncommon and basically turns the new fiver into something parallel to a dirty heroin needle.


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