Twitter launched its Night Mode feature for iOS, Mac, and Android users last year. Along with mobile users, here’s a great news for desktop users as well. According to the announcement made today, Twitter will be rolling out its night mode feature for its desktop users as well. The company is redesigning its previous mobile phone app for better user experience.

The latest feature will enable users to read their tweets more conformably in dark clumsy night. Twitter has selected a dark navy color for its night mode background rather than gray or black. This feature does not function automatically but we have to manually toggle the feature.

Following are the steps users should follow so as to enable Night Mode Feature:

Night Mode Feature for desktop users:

  • Visit website
  • Tap on the uploaded profile picture
  • Clicking on profile picture will give you the moon like an icon of Night Mode. Clicking on that icon will enable Night Mode.

Night Mode Feature for iOS devices:

  • Open twitter application for iOS smartphone
  • Click on the profile picture placed at the top
  • Select the night mode icon from the pop-up menu

Night Mode features for Android devices:

  • Open twitter application on your Android smartphone
  • The Android device provides two options to enable the night mode feature. Users can either click on profile picture or they can select the navigation menu option.
  • The drop-down menu gives the facility of the slider to frequently on and off the feature.

This option will be more user-friendly for users who have updated the Twitter app. On triggering this icon, the white and light blue screen of the twitter page will turn into joyful navy-blue color. Users can follow is the same process to come out of the Night Mode feature.

This trending feature completely replaces Twitter’s optimistic and cheerful graphical user interface with a dark and dim light.

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