Parking a car in the parking lot of a mall and becoming too excited for shopping sometimes make you disremember the position of the car you have parked. You start getting frustrated when you need to spend your valuable time in hunting your vehicle.

Setting up a GPS system for tracking the location of a car could be an option but it’s way too expensive. Subscribers get fed up of paying a monthly bill for using a GPS system. But, here comes an amazing device with a miniature size that can be collaborated with your smartphone to track the location of your car and other important things.

The new tiny device is called as TrackR. This small device can change one’s life by saving their valuable time of hunting for their favorite objects.

Working of TrackR:

All you need to do is download the app of TrackR on your mobile phone and later link the app to the tiny device. This is the job of fewer than 5 minutes. The device is quite user-friendly. You can carry it with you in your pocket, or you can attach it to your briefcase, keys, tech gadgets and wallet as well.

TrackR will trail your misplaced items in a couple of seconds. The device will act as a precious thing for you to find your other precious things.

Cost of the smart tiny device:

TrackR will not cost you more. It’s just one-time payment of $29. Isn’t it cheaper than paying hundreds of dollars and then to every month for GPS tracking system?

How to use TrackR?

Using the device is very simple. Order and get the home delivery of this device from the manufacturer’s website. Download the app and connect it with your mobile phone and dwell the device to your precious object.

Other benefits of TrackR:

As earlier stated, the device can be placed anywhere. It can be placed within your collar or to your pet. The double-sided adhesive device is also available so that it can be attached to the bike seat or the laptop.

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