Black Friday is the time of the year when you get to save lot of money on a range of deals, but the key the making the most out of this shopping rampage is to know which retailer (online or offline) is offering the most bang for buck. While traditional advertisements are definitely one of the ways through which you can find deals, in current times of smartphones, why not make use of something that more handy and easily available to help you save the most?

Apps have turned out to be the best source of deals that provide you with information about who is offering a particular deal and how much it will save you if you but it from a particular retailer. Let’s have a low down of the Top 10 best Android Black Friday money saving apps:

First on our list is the TGI Black Friday – 2016 that offers something unique. Using the TGI Black Friday 2016 app you will be able to download the ad scans as PDFs. This is a huge positive for those who are on a low bandwidth plan or might wander off to places where the internet connection is patchy. You can check out the ads without having an internet connection. You also have the ability to view all of the ads from many major retailers.



Next up it is the Black Friday.FM that lists out all the deals that are available for Black Friday. This will save you from going through all your mails finding the right deal for you as the app provides them all at one place. You will be able to know exactly what everybody is offering including the one hour deals, and early shopping deals. You will be able to find deals from Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s, you name it.



Third on our list is the good old Amazon Shopping App that is for those who want to stick to Amazon only for their deals. It is one of the best online destinations for shopping throughout the year as well as during Black Friday and the holiday season. The usability of the app is awesome and owing to the hold Amazon has over online shopping segment, it is one of those few companies that manage to offer exclusive deals that no other online retailer will be able to provide.



Then we have the app that can help you out through the holidays called Shop Savvy. What you need to know with this app is the product that you are looking to buy. What you do is start the app and then scan the bar code and it will tell you the prices of the product in that area in different locations offering you an easy and competitive way for shopping for your holiday season goodies and gifts.



There may be cases that you want to go for shopping through your laptop or a desktop and in case case what we have here is a Google Chrome called Honey that will save you some serious money. Say you are surfing the web and land on Target or Amazon, the Honey extension will automatically pop up and tell you all of the different promo codes. Further, it will also run through all these different promo codes and apply a discount for you – you don’t even need to enter the promo code in.


Get it from Chrome Web Store

Finally we present to you an Android game that is not part of the listing, but did find very interesting. Save the Mars is a cool new game that packs simple yet amazing graphics. Gameplay is engaging as well as challenging. [Check out the video below]

We haven’t managed to get past the score of 53 ourselves. We tried the game when it was at its minimal with no boost-ups, which are now being offered. Leaderboard wasn’t implemented either and neither were the achievements. However, all these things are now in place and we believe this app will turn out to be a huge one over the next few weeks. Go ahead, give it a shot and Save the Mars from incoming rockets.

Save the Mars


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