Reports of an invite-only version of Tinder – Tinder Select – have emerged online suggesting that this 5-months-young service is available to a few people that fit the criteria of being hot, rich and famous.

If you are one of those who have received an invite and see a ‘S’ at the top of your tinder home screen, well then congratulations! However, if you aren’t one of those, then read on.

Tinder Select is said to be an exclusive version of Tinder for the rich, beautiful and famous and becomes available to those who fit the desirability statistics. It is also known as the ELO score. ELO score refers to a method of calculating the relative skills of people. So, if algorithm used by Tinder fetches your name then you will be among the lucky and privileged group of people. Their algorithm combines factors like the number of people you match to, how active you are on the app and the score of the users to match with.

This privileged group of men and women are provided the power of nominating others. These requests will be filtered by Tinder before giving the spot to the nominee. The celebrity version of the app has a sleek design and the Select community has an option to switch between the two at will.

The most desired candidates on Tinder are written with decreasing priority order. For men – Architect, Entrepreneur/CEO, Journalist, Flight Attendant, Creative Director, Actor and Lawyer. For women – Real Estate owner, Lawyer, Event Planner, Interior Designer, Speech Pathologist, Dentist and Teacher.

If you really want to be a part of the Tinder Select, you need to have some very popular friends or you need to keep swiping on a loop. So get swiping, get loads of matches and you might be the lucky one to get an invite which means you are a part of the Elite. Once inside the exclusive Select fraternity, you get to invite others to join the club.

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