National policies and international deals to control and manage climate change are a necessary step in our fight against climate change and global warming, but at the ground level it is involvement and collaborative efforts of local communities and people that will yield results.

The Paris agreement in 2015 set a huge example of how the whole world, in unison, is all set to fight climate change and as authorities get ready to take actions, people around the world can take their own steps to help authorities in their respective countries.

Town planning is one way to ensure that entire cities are planned in such a way that they are environment friendly and contribute to the overall mission to bringing carbon emissions down. Plantation of trees around houses, shopping complex, and commercial and industrial areas will go a long way into ensuring maximum absorption of carbon right at the source.

Government policies geared towards making plantation of trees mandatory across cities will ensure that development of local communities are aligned with national policies. To raise awareness about such initiatives, governments could go about promoting such measures through radios, adverts, physical door to door campaigns.

For the rural poor and for the general public to add value to the climate change, they must start from keeping their small nurseries, planting their own trees and ensuring that they live in green economy.

Forest management is another way to go. While we can’t stop consuming wood because of its need in our day to day life, the key is to ensure that this particular natural resource is utilised in the most judicious manner and felling of trees is carried out only as per the need. Cutting down trees that are old and replace them with young trees is the way to keep the deforestation in check. Conservation efforts seek to impose a complete ban on cutting of trees, but that’s something that can’t be achieved today owing to our dependence on wood and that’s why forest management at local and community level is the key.

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