The top-end variants of the recently released Surface Pro and Surface Laptop are likely to be delayed if user reports are to be believed.

It turns out that all those who have ordered the i7 powered Surface Pro or Surface Laptop have seen the delivery times of the devices move 15 days down the line with June 30 as the tentative delivery date. Initially the devices were to be shipped by June 15. This doesn’t apply to the entry and mid-sized models of the two devices as users who have ordered ones with Intel Core M or i5 processors have seen no such change in the delivery date.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed anything officially about this delay, but when to head on to Microsoft Store to pre-order the devices online, the delivery dates for the top-end Surface Pro and Surface Laptops has indeed slipped by 15 days.

Microsoft hasn’t said anything specific about the delay and chances are the delay has occurred due to issues with its supply chain. Those who have ordered the affected models will have to wait a little longer to get their hands onto the new devices.

While we are at it, a bit about the new Surface Pro. The New Surface Pro can be pegged as a refinement of the Surface Pro 4. It features better battery life, faster (fanless) processors, and a smoother body. It’s a joy to use, and it has the potential to be the only productivity device you use once you get used to it. For now, it doesn’t do so well as a tablet or a desktop, but as a laptop, it’s outstanding. If you’re looking for a superb premium laptop/tablet replacement, look no further.

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