Surface Pro 5 is in the works – unofficially so far – but it is the Surface Pro 4 that Microsoft is happy about for now considering the impressive bump in sales numbers that the company managed to achieve because of ‘disappointing’ MacBook Pro 2016.

Apple released its MacBook Pro 2016 with much fanfare; however, things were not smooth enough for the flagship MacBook Pro 2016 considering that early adopters complained a lot about GPU glitches and battery life issues. This basically left a dent in sales of Apple’s laptop and instead people jumped ship and bought Surface Pro 4. That’s the claim of Microsoft’s Brian Hall who penned a blog on Windows blog to claim that because of the ‘disappointment of the MacBook Pro’, many users are switching to Microsoft Surface laptops.

Microsoft recently announced that thanks to Surface Pro sales it is having a fantastic holiday season, with November being the best month ever for consumer sales. In the blog Hall revealed that more and more users are switching from MacBook Pro to Surface devices mainly because users – especially professionals – are disappointed by the MacBook Pro. Microsoft claims that their MacBook trade-in program saw the highest numbers ever.

Hall goes on to claim in the blog that there have been multiple reviews wherein authors and device testers have recommended Surface laptops – including Surface Pro 4 – over MacBook laptops. These reviews and the jump in sales numbers has made the Surface team proud and proves that the team at Microsoft is doing their job, Hall says.

Microsoft came up with a Surface Bundle for the holiday season and it was so popular among buyers that it sold out on its first day on Best Buy, and even the response to Surface Hub has ‘far exceeded’ Microsoft’s expectations.

Hall touches upon quite a few other things in the blog but refrains from Surface Pro 5 and evidently so because Microsoft is yet to officially reveal details about Surface Pro 5.

Surface Pro 5 to be the best

That’s our claim right off the bat considering that the Surface Pro 4 [Prices reduced by up to 23% on Amazon] successor has four generations worth of experience behind it. There have been glitches and issues with the Surface Pro line-up as well and that’s part an parcel of any gadget, but all in all the Surface Pro 4 has been by far the best and its successor will be much better. Why? Read on…

First and foremost it will pack the most updated Windows 10 with a number of features that will be released sometime in May 2017. Further with Intel releasing Kaby Lake processor, the Surface Pro will most certainly use that processor to offer up to 19 per cent bump in integer performance over its predecessor. With native 4K support in Kaby Lake we can expect a 4K display on the Surface Pro 5. Battery life will be improved as well with Intel claiming a Kaby Lake notebook will offer up to 9.5 hours of battery juice while continuously looping video.

Add in a mix of chunky RAM and you have at your disposal a high-end computer in the palm of your hands and that’s what Surface Pro 5 will be – the best in the Surface Pro line-up.Until then check out Surface Pro 4 deals on Amazon

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