The first thing you will be looking for when searching for Surface Pro 5 is its release date and considering that Microsoft is still mum about the Surface Pro 4 successor, the only thing you can do is feed your appetite for the latest Surface Pro two-in-one news with speculative reports from the supply chain.

Fresh out of the oven is a report from DigiTimes, which has a history of leaks – sometimes true sometimes not so much, revealing that Surface Pro 5 will be launching in the first quarter of 2017 and that it will be featuring some impressive things. The report claims that Pegatron Technology is going to manufacture the Surface Pro 5 and that there is a possibility that Microsoft could add Quanta Computer as one of its manufacturer for the Surface Pro 5.

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The time frame suggested by Digitimes sits in line with previous reports that Surface Pro 5 could launch alongside Windows 10 Creators update. While Microsoft hasn’t confirmed any of this, its supply chain hasn’t been so tight lipped and courtesy of small leaks like these, analysts have put together a rough time frame of launch.

The Digitimes report points to an Ultra HD display and that effectively sits in line with what we have been hearing so far. The report also points to magnetic charging stylus and while we are not sure if this refers to current magnetic connector of the Surface Pro family or a new technology altogether.

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Microsoft has already showcased some of the features of the Windows 10 Creators update including Paint 3D and expanded support for mixed reality experiences and all this will offer Surface Pro 5 an edge over other devices.

Surface Pro 5 specifications have also been cropping up all over the web and considering that Microsoft would want to launch a beast of a device to beat all other devices – specifically the MacBook Pro – out there, we expect quite a few stunning hardware features.

For starters, the Surface Pro 5 could pack Intel Kaby Lake processor and with no other processor of this level released in the market so far, Microsoft will most likely go for this one. With Kaby Lake, Microsoft will automatically get ability to bless its Surface Pro 4 successor with 4K display, and provider longer battery life. Until Surface Pro 5 is officially confirmed, Surface Pro 4 is being sold at really impressive prices and we recommend you have a look at the prices on Amazon at least once.

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