Microsoft is hosting an event today centered around education and as expected the software giant isn’t going to launch Surface Pro 5, but is possibly launching new Surface laptops as leaks indicate.

The event is being held in New York City and according to a recent leak by Twitter user WalkingCat Microsoft is going to release a new Surface laptop powered by some form of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Cloud – that will compete directly with Chrome OS.

One of the primary reasons why Microsoft is releasing such laptops at this time is that Chromebooks have been taking a hold of the education market and with almost no competitor, Google has been the sole racer in the race. Chromebooks have been selling well and for Microsoft to enter the education market, it needs to keep the price point to a lower level and that’s exactly what the new “Windows 10 Cloud” or “Windows 10 S” OS could allow it to do. [Surface Pro 4 discounts]

Satya Nadella could be taking the stage and could be joined by other Microsoft executives including Joe Belfiore and Panos Panay to launch new software and hardware. Microsoft Surface Pro 5 isn’t going to launch today but we expect – as per the leak – launch of a new Surface laptop that will run the new variant of Windows 10 to complete with Chromebooks out there.

How to watch Microsoft event online live stream

Microsoft is going to livestream its event online starting 9:30AM Eastern Time and you should definitely tune in if you have been waiting for Microsoft either new Surface hardware or Windows 10 OS.

Last-minute leaks have suggested that Microsoft might unveil the Surface Laptop, its first (relatively) conventional portable PC. There’s also talk of Windows 10 S (aka Windows 10 Cloud), a stripped-back version that only runs Windows Store apps. [Surface Pro 4 discounts]

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