Hopes of launch of Surface Pro 5 in 2017 were burnt to cinders a few days back when a Microsoft executive revealed to the world that the tablet doesn’t exist as of now.

The statement by Panos Panay, the corporate vice president for Surface, to CNET grabbed headlines and trended on multiple social media platforms and news websites for days. Many reports came out with interpretations of the statement with of the most common meaning being that Surface Pro 5 doesn’t exist and Microsoft isn’t going to launch a new member in the Surface Pro family.

The reason behind this interpretation was Panay’s statement that Microsoft doesn’t intend to release a new Surface Pro just for the sake of it. Panay said that innovation is the key to launching a new variant in a product that is already highly successful. People need a reason to buy an upgrade to Surface Pro 4 [huge price cuts on Amazon]. Panay says that he is OK with people not buying Surface Pro 4 right now, but those who have already bought the two-in-one know how useful and awesome the product is. Panay added that the Surface Pro 4 will continue to be high competitive for years to come.

All these statements were being taken as an indirect indication that Microsoft is dodging and it doesn’t intend to release an upgrade anytime soon. Panay’s statement that there’s no such thing as Surface Pro 5 right now was the nail in the coffin that many were looking for to conclude that Surface Pro 5 isn’t happening at all.

But, if we look at the situation from Panay’s and Microsoft’s perspective, the executive was forced to reveal details about a device too early. If Panay would have provided details about Surface Pro 5 at a time when the product is still in development, he would have been lambasted later on by the media for providing false information if specifications were changed. Revealing too much too soon in the lifecycle of the product could be a death blow and that’s what Panay wanted to avoid.

Surface Pro 5 not existing right now has to be taken in a literal sense that the Surface Pro 4 successor doesn’t exist at this particular moment and that doesn’t mean that Surface Pro 5 isn’t happening. A new Surface Pro will be released when Microsoft feels the time is right. Until then, head to your favourite retailer and ask for Surface Pro 4 discounts – on Amazon.com the prices have been reduced by up to 25 per cent.

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