Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has received an important certification in China – the China Compulsory Certificate – meaning that the Surface Pro 4 successor is en route towards a launch soon.

So far Microsoft has been officially mum about Surface Pro 5 or any other device that it might be planning to launch this year and with reports flowing in that sometimes say the Surface Pro 5 is delayed and at other times claim to have insider information that it will launch in Spring make the wait for Surface Pro 5 unbearable.

We recently received the first concrete clues about what the Surface Pro 5 will have through a well known journalist and blogger Paul Thurrott who revealed that the Surface Pro 5 will be powered by Intel Kaby Lake processors and will keep the Surface Connect. This was a welcome relief for many that at least the rumors that we have been aren’t all wrong. Check out huge discounts on Surface Pro 4.

Surface Pro 5 was likely initially planned for launch in April, but that’s not happening because Microsoft has announced an event for May 2. That event likely is all about education and so we might not see a Surface Pro 5 at the event.

Now the Surface Pro 5 seems to be launching in the spring of 2017, if a leaked Chinese certification is any indication. The China Compulsory Certificate, which maintains the safety of products imported and sold in the country, recently certified the new Surface Pro device. Reports even suggest the Surface Pro 5 is ripe now to hit the market. However, no further details have been revealed in the leaked certification.

There is an expectation that Surface Pro 5 will have USB-C, but with Thurrott claiming that the tablet will keep its proprietary Surface Connect connector, USB-C might not be happening after all.

We expect that Surface Pro 5 will launch at the company’s Build Developer Conference next month. If you can’t wait for Surface Pro 5 why not buy Surface Pro 4 at huge discounts.

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