Reports have been indicating that Surface Pro 5 launch isn’t far off now with the two-in-one likely launching in the first quarter of 2017 – most probably by March 2017 – with features that will make it a top-notch Surface till date.

Surface Pro 4 has been an awesome success for Microsoft, but battery life has been an issue about which many users have complained a lot. This will be something that Microsoft will be able to address through hardware changes – specifically the processor. Intel has officially announced the availability of Kaby Lake processors for device manufacturers and that’s the CPU that will be powering the Surface Pro 5.

Intel has been blowing trumpets about the capabilities of its Kaby Lake processors with the primary improvement being a 12- to 19-per cent bump in integer performance over its predecessors. Intel Kaby Lake processors are said to have a more responsive “turbo boost” capability and with a dedicated, advanced video engine that promises some real gains—a whopping 2.6X increase in overall battery life when playing back 4K video using specific codecs, the Surface Pro 5 is set for impressive performance numbers.

The use of Kaby Lake processor will help Surface Pro 5 achieve batter backup of nearly 10 hours with Intel claiming that a Kaby Lake powered notebook lasted for 9.5 hours while continuously looping video.

Rumours have been claiming that Surface Pro 5 will natively support 4K thanks to Intel Kaby Lake and this effectively means that Surface Pro 5 could very well have a 4K display if Microsoft decides to offer stunning visuals to its customers.

We have also received reports that Microsoft will incorporate eSIM into its Surface Pro 5. With this technology the SIM cards are standardized in mobile devices based on hardware. This effectively means that consumers more freedom and less obligation when choosing a data provider because eSIM automatically switches to the plan in the country where the user is located. While the average John Doe might not see this as a huge thing, business users among whom the Surface Pro 5 will be a hit will definitely find the technology useful and much needed.

As far as pricing is concerned, we believe that Surface Pro 5 will likely cost the same as the Surface Pro 4 when it was launched. Chances are that the latest Surface Pro could cost less than the Surface Pro 4, but nothing can be said for sure until an official confirmation arrives from Microsoft.

If you intend to buy a Surface Pro 5, it could be at least a couple of months wait, so why not buy a Surface Pro 4 instead at impressive discounts.

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