In what could turn out to be a massive blow to all those who are waiting for Surface Pro 5, a top Microsoft executive has said that there is no Surface Pro 5 as this time.

Panos Panay, the corporate vice president for Surface, Microsoft, was replying to a question posed by CNET when should we expect an upgrade to Surface Pro 4. To this Panay didn’t respond directly but said that existing Surface Pro is a great product and that he is “super, super sure” of the fact that people using Surface Pro 4 know that they have a product at their hand that will remain competitive for next five years.

When Panay was pressurised to reveal information about Surface Pro 5, Panay said that Surface Pro 5 doesn’t exist at this time with the exact words being “there’s no such thing as a Pro 5”.

This effectively led to the next question of whether Microsoft will release Surface Pro 5 anytime soon or not. To this Panay replied that when they feel that the time is right, they will put the next Surface Pro in the market.

Panay further added that “Meaningful change” doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be a hardware change – something that most people look at i.e. processor change, greater RAM and storage options, etc. Panay said that meaningful change is something that would effectively bring about a huge change to the product line beyond hardware like greater increase in battery life or reducing the weight to the point that it makes the product massively mobile, among other things.

Surface Pro 5 won’t happen on May 23

Panay’s statement effectively pours cold water over rumors that Surface Pro 5 is to be released on May 23 during an event in Shanghai.

Our confidence on May 23 not being a launch date for Surface Pro 5 is rooted in the statement that Panay made: “You’ll see that same meaningful impact when Pro 5, or Pro Next hits the market,” Panay said, quickly qualifying that, “there’s no such thing as a Pro 5.”

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