Surface Pro 5 is finally on the cards with Intel Kaby Lake processors and Surface Connect connector and as the confirmation finally sunk in, Surface Pro 4 prices have started to tumble.

Microsoft has been reducing the prices of Surface Pro 4 ever since December 2016 time and again for a few days. Now it turns out that retailers have also jumped the bandwagon and the prices of the current-gen tablet have fallen for good by up to 30 per cent.

The 256GB Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with 16GB RAM and Intel Core i7 processor used to retail at over $1800, but now the tablet is being sold for near $1,500 – which is nearly $300 off. The 256GB Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with 8GB RAM and Core i7 processor is now being sold for just $1,340 down from over $1,600. The substantial price cuts are not temporary in nature as we have been seeing plenty of discounts ever since December and they haven’t gone anywhere indicating that they are to stay. These are amazing discounts for a great two-in-one that effectively replaces your laptop.

The continued discounts of Surface Pro 4 were because of speculations that Surface Pro 5 will launch soon, but now that there are confirmed reports that Surface Pro 5 does indeed exist and will be powered by Kaby Lake processors, we believe that the price graph of Surface Pro 4 from now on will be anything but downwards.

We have seen steep discounts on Surface Pro 4 during the Christmas holidays – in tune of up to 30 per cent. We believe that price cuts will breach those levels in coming days as more and more information is revealed about Surface Pro 5. If you want to check out the discounts on Surface Pro 4 on Amazon, head here.

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