As we near the end of 2016 – a year when was highly rumored that Surface Pro 5 release will happen – there is a strong possibility that Surface Pro 5 will launch in mid-2017.

There are quite a few reasons behind this claim including Windows 10 updates, best option for processor and a timeline that sits right with major Microsoft events. If we look back at October 2016, reports on the web indicated that it was almost certain that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be launched. However, that didn’t happen and one of the reasons could be that Surface Pro 4 had been around for just a year and releasing another version of the tablet without actually improving a lot upon the current device doesn’t make any sense. [23% discount on Surface Pro 4 512GB]

Another reason is that Microsoft intends to push out a massive update to its Windows 10 operating system and to showcase the features that the upgraded OS will have, Surface Pro 5 will be the best platform. That major update is slated for spring of 2017 and that’s why we believe Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will launch during that time.

The processor is the heart of any computer and Intel’s Kaby Lake processor is believed to be Microsoft’s choice for Surface Pro 5. Sky Lake could have powered the Surface Pro 4 successor, but that didn’t happen and now the obvious choice for Microsoft is Kaby Lake. Why? First and foremost, the new Kaby Lake processors provide a 12- to 19-per cent bump in integer performance, helped by a more responsive “turbo boost” capability. Then there is the dedicated, advanced video engine that promises some real gains—a whopping 2.6X increase in overall battery life when playing back 4K video using specific codecs. According to Intel executives, the battery life of a Kaby Lake notebook should be up to 9.5 hours while continuously looping video.

That’s two great things here that we can infer for the Surface Pro 5 – increased battery life and a 4K display. This means that Microsoft’s wait for the Kaby lake could be worth it.

There are rumors of Microsoft going for a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor in Surface Pro 5, but we believe that’s highly unlikely. Microsoft didn’t have much luck with its ARM variant of Surface tablets and we do not believe that it would want to go down that path again. If you are waiting for a Surface Pro 5, it could be at least a 6 months wait, so why not buy a Surface Pro 4 instead at impressive discounts.

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