SpaceX has been dragged to court by one of its ex-employee Jason Blasdell who claims that the private space company was involved with falsification of rest results.

According to Blasdell, management of SpaceX not only falsified test results, but also ignored safety test protocols. In response, SpaceX has denied all the allegations put across in the court by Blasdell.

SpaceX says that the former employee’s role in the company was terminated for being “disruptive”. Blasdell was fired in April 2014, and had worked at the company for more than three years. The jury has been asked to determine whether Blasdell’s firing was justified or otherwise.

Blasdell’s lawyer, Carney Shegerian, told jurors in his opening statement that Blasdell has no intentions to benefit personally by the court case and only intends to do the right thing. The lawyer added that Blasdell had taken his complaint up to the highest levels of SpaceX, including founder Elon Musk, and that the rocket company had allegedly cut corners and labelled Blasdell as insubordinate.

“Jason Blasdell is not a whistle-blower and this is not a whistle-blower case,” SpaceX’s lawyer, Lynne Hermle, said in her opening statement to the court. She said that Blasdell had never observed or conducted any unlawful testing of rocket components, and had not raised his issues with Federal authorities.

The action, before California Superior Court Judge William Fahey, is expected to last two weeks.

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