Shopify has acquired Toronto based app development studio Tiny Hearts and all its apps and Busy Building Things.

Tiny Hearts Robleh Jama announced the development through a blog post stating that the company’s team will be working with Shopify’s team at the latter’s Toronto office. Tiny Hearts made quite an impact with its apps including Pocket Zoo, Wake Alarm, Quick Fit, and Next Keyboard as well as games like InstaMatch, Emoji Party and Save The Camp.

“Getting acquired by Shopify would mean being able to work with one of the most talented teams in Toronto, and joining one of the most respected companies in the country”, says Jama.

Jama points out that post the acquisition, Tiny Hearts’s name and corporation may not exist, but their overall goal of making people’s lives better in meaningful ways will remain.

The app studio has been in operations since seven years and during this time managed to garner a lot of fame through its apps and services. Tiny Hearts’ apps managed to hit the top 10 charts quite a few times and downloads surpassed over 6 million. The team even won a few awards along the way and got featured in some of the major publications out there including The Verge, the New York Times, and WIRED Magazine.

Acquisition by Shopify isn’t surprising because the teams of both the companies have worked together before for the the first version of Shopkey, and later on the Frenzy app. According to Jama, Satish Kanwar brought up the idea of Tiny Hearts joining Shopify in early 2016. At the time Jama did take it as a huge complement, but decided not to rush into anything for they were still interested in experimenting with the different services Tiny Hearts was offering.

“By joining Shopify, we’re free to keep the DNA of Tiny Hearts — the same spirit that brought Pocket Zoo to life — alive and well”, Jama notes.

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