We have come across campaigns that are funny and serious at the same time, but this one epics all of them with the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) asking NASA to send out a condom to space to teach aliens a thing a two about contraception. Not really!

The agenda is quite clear for RFSU. It considers condom as one of the greatest inventions of the human race as it has allowed humans to decide over their own bodies, their sexuality and their lives. Considering how a condom not only keeps both men and women safe from sexually transmitted diseases, but also unwanted pregnancies, it deserves a place in space alongside all the other inventions that have been sent to space by NASA and other space agencies.

The RFSU notes in a press release that the US space agency has been sending objects created by humans into space for decades now with the hope that alien civilisation(s) could get hold of it, learn about our planet and us humans. For this reason, RFSU says that a condom should be sent into space with the hope that it will also draw attention to a very important, but invisible development issue. The Swedish Association reveals alarming statistics about the unavailability of contraceptives around the world. It draws our attention to the fact that over 225 million people in the world want contraceptives, but they are not able to get it. Contraception Lack associated with poverty, restrictive norms and political decisions.

This lack of contraceptives is having a detrimental effect on the lives of millions of people – especially hundreds of thousands of girls and women who die from unsafe abortions and childbirth related complications every year. AIDS-related illnesses reap still more than one million lives per year. There is considerable evidence that people who decide over their childbearing stay in school longer, better economy, gives birth to healthier babies later in life with fewer risks to their own health.

RFSU, on September 26 which is celebrated as International Contraception Day, launched a film in the form of an open letter to NASA, where it explains why the condom deserves a place in space. The Association hopes that more and more people come forward and sign the petition to NASA. The RFSU believes that this single act of NASA sending up a condom in space will ignite talks about condom and contraception on a global level and lead to contraception as an important political agenda.

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