Nature’s invaluable endowment to humans is well-known to us and Indian researchers just gave us one more proof of it. The scientists at the Department of biotechnology, University of North Bengal (NBU) have developed an ointment from wood that can cure burns efficiently and effectively at a faster rate.

The ointment developed is a gel, whose main constituent is semi-liquid material lignin. Lignin is extracted from wood, which comprises 15-30 percent of the total material. This ointment in the state of gel has a multi-beneficiary usage. It can be primarily used as a dressing material, a drug and also an an anti-agent to the probable infection caused by burn injury.

According to the scientist Ranadhir Chawdhary at the Department of Biotechnology, NBU, when burn occurs, the wound is highly vulnerable to infection as the burnt area attracts the pathogens present in the air. These pathogens known as bystanders grow with time on the wound and after a certain time becomes untreatable causing permanent damage. Hence the scientists have developed such a gel from the lignin of wood, that can prevent this infection for a prolonged period of time thus avoiding the dreadful effects of infection to the body.

Scientists also said that through this ointment, dressing material for burnt areas can be designed to release the lignin drug on the wound, which will treat it along with making it anti-biotic preventing the attack of pathogens. Also, this is a one time application and repeated dressing of the gel is not required. This biocompatible ointment in form of gel was proved effective for speedy recovery of burn injuries in laboratory when tested on rats suffering skin burns.

This research has been featured in the Nation Scientific Reports which is collectively conducted by the scientists at IIT Kharagpur, JNU – New Delhi and Rush University Medical Centre, Chicago.

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