Samsung the South-Korean giant phone maker is all set to launch its upcoming flagship device called Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on August 23. Samsung is popular for launching the big smartphone device providing huge and infinity display to its users. The upcoming Galaxy Note 8 device will also not be an exception to this as the company has confirmed that this will be the big smartphone device.

Apart from providing a huge display to the users, the device will also stand out of the crowd when it comes to specification and features of the phone. The device will be powered by latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, with huge 6.3-inch end-to-end infinity display. The news stating the massiveness of the device comes from Forbes.

According to the leaked rumors, it was seen that Galaxy Note 8 device will not differ much from the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus but it’s not true. However, the latest Galaxy Note 8 device is far more different than the Galaxy S8 series in terms of specifications as well as in terms of display size.

The new Galaxy Note 8 device will also differ in terms of USB Type-C charging port, placement of the fingerprint sensor technology. Samsung which was working hard to place the fingerprint sensor below the display seems to be unsuccessful as the new reports claim that fingerprint sensor will be present at the back of display but there will be space between camera and this sensor.

According to the leaked reports revealed last week, apart from basic Galaxy Note 8 there will be one more version of the smartphone called Galaxy Note 8 Emperor device which will differ in terms of storage capacity and the RAM size. The smartphone device will be equipped with S Pen facility and will support 3x optical zoom ability.

The company has already begun the pre-registry process in Australia and the device is expected to reach Indian users by September. It seems that the Galaxy Note 8 device will roll out in two different phases. During the first phase, the smartphone will be launched in countries like United States, Korea, and the United Kingdom. Whereas during the second phase the smartphone will be launched in other nations. However, this news is not yet confirmed by Samsung.

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