Post the historical referendum in June last year that paved way for Britain’s exit from the European Union, UK has informed EU about the exchange of official letter on March 29 to confirm the proceedings with Article 50 to kick-start the procedure to leave the union.

The referendum result for any nation’s exit from the European is not the official step of the process and that is where Article 50 comes in for the legalities. With the result already out in favor of leaving EU with a 52-48 vote percentage, UK’s permanent representative to the European Union has confirmed that the country will initiate the process of exit from March 29.

It is expected that after the official announcement of Britain invoking the Article 50, the other 27 member nations of the EU would come together to initiate discussions for their dissent on the guidelines recommended on the negotiations. Donald tusk, the European Union president confirmed to present a draft on Brexit guidelines to all the member nations of the union within 48 hours of triggering the Article 50.

The tussle among the UK nations over Brexit is quite apparent and to hold talks to resolve it, Theresa May, has been visiting the UK nations. Northern Ireland and Scotland and held talks with the ministers since Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland registered her wish for a re-referendum for Scottish independence vote.

Sturgeon wants Scotland to stay as a part of the Union even after Brexit and thus she is unhappy with May’s stubborn approach in this regard. She does not believe Brexit to go in favor of Scotland and thus she refrains to support May over the issue of separation from the European Union.

According to the opposition party Liberal Democrat’s leader Tim Farron, May’s claims to promote unity and Britain’s strengthening through Brexit is not a realistic belief. He adds that rushing through the decision without a concrete draft of the future road-map is not in favor of Britain.

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