Blackberry rolls out its next smartphone with a keyboard-less feature. Previous models of blackberry had a tiny keypad at the bottom of the screen. This time the company has completely eliminated it. The new handset will come with beyond belief features.

5.5-inch screen with 1080p display

Snapdragon 625 processor chip

Internal storage of 32GB

Battery size of 4,000 mAh

RAM size of 4GB

12-megapixel rear camera

Android 7.1 Nougat operating system

Totally water resistant

The design and motion look much similar to Sony smartphone with curved corners giving a boxy appealing. The keyboard of previous models is replaced by home screen button which will also act as a fingerprint sensor.

Initially, Blackberry will be available in discerning Middle East countries. It will be soon rolling out in other countries. An initial price of the smartphone will be $460. Blackberry’s two specifications – 4000 mAh battery life and water resistant are really going to buzz you off. It was impossible to roll out the previous models with water resistance feature due to those messy keypads.

This will be blackberry’s first smartphone that you are taking away inside water. Additionally, it will give a lavishing experience to the users by providing other features including Bluetooth that can be connected in vehicles as well, meetings scheduler, Wi-Fi connectivity, and other user cherished apps.

New motion smartphone rolls out with Locker mode enabling users to keep their important documents, files, images or any other data safe. Users need to set up a code or sense the thumbprint to access the data stored in its internal storage. Moreover, it allows you to click pictures directly from the stealth photo mode and store it into the internal storage rather than doing a messy job of storing it in the cloud.

The smartphone is going to create Blackberry’s history. People are fond of blackberry due to its keyboard but if it’s giving you an experience of huge battery size and water resistance mode then sure removing a keyboard from the smartphone will not be a bad option.

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