Microsoft has just shown off its Windows 10 S powered-Surface Laptop that will be released in a range of specifications with a starting price of $999.

Microsoft Surface Laptop – a true laptop – is a clamshell device unlike the Surface Book that is a two-in-one device that does two jobs – serve as a tablet as well as a laptop. Two-in-one market has been ripe, but the Surface Book packs some top-notch specifications at a premium and that takes it out of reach of students. Surface Pro 4 devices are also a great option, but again they come in a two-in-one configuration and not everyone is accustomed to working devices with smaller screens.

Surface Laptop is Microsoft’s answer to a number of things including a true laptop that could compete with Google Chromebooks, a laptop powered by the latest processor and the latest OS – Windows 10 S – in this case, a laptop that doesn’t come at a premium, and a laptop that is affordable and released just in time for the new term to start.

The Surface Laptop features a 13.5-inch PixelSense display with a 3:2 aspect ratio. According to Microsoft, this particular laptop packs the thinnest LCD touch model ever created. The display supports Microsoft’s Surface Pen and that’s going to be a huge plus point as it will make Surface Laptop a viable option for students studying architecture, design, engineering among other faculties.

Battery backup of the Surface Laptop is another huge plus with Microsoft claiming that the latest Intel Core i5 and i7 processors helps extend the battery life to up to 14.5 hours. According to Microsoft, the new Intel processors, make the Surface Laptop faster than the i7 MacBook Pro and has more battery life than any MacBook Air on the market today.

Surface Pro 5 still MIA

We want to see the Surface Pro 5 soon and while consumer demand will certainly force Microsoft to release the Surface Pro 4 successor soon, its own internal requirement will effectively be the push it needs to release Surface Pro 5 sooner than later.

While it was expected that Surface Pro 5 will not be released at the May 2 event, we were expecting some sort of announcement regarding the new Surface Pro model. That didn’t happen with Microsoft officials still remaining tight lipped about their Surface Pro 5 plans. Until Surface Pro 5 is released, why not check out Surface Pro 4 deals.

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