Surface Pro 5 rumors and speculations have been put to rest once and for all – at least for now – as Microsoft has more or less confirmed its stance on its Surface Pro line of two-in-ones.

We have been eagerly waiting for Surface Pro 5 and with up to 25 per cent discount on some of the Surface Pro 4 models, the possibility of Surface Pro 5 was almost etched in stone. However, that’s not going to happen as chief of Surface devices at Microsoft Panos Panay believes that Surface Pro 4 is a highly competitive two-in-one and it will be able to stand the test of time for up to five years from now.

When poked by CNET over the possibility of Surface Pro 5 and when it will likely be launched, Panay continued to talk about Surface Pro 4 and what it will take for Microsoft to launch a new member in the Surface Pro family. Without revealing details, Panay said that innovation is what Microsoft is after when it comes to launching new devices. Surface Pro 4 has everything there is to offer to users of two-in-one devices and there’s nothing that Microsoft missed out when making the Surface Pro 4.

After repeated questions on Surface Pro 5, Panay revealed that it doesn’t exist right now. The statement is quite surprising considering that we have been hearing a lot of things about Surface Pro 5 including a tweet from Windows and Microsoft expert Paul Thurrott who says that Surface Pro 5 exists and it will be a minor upgrade to the existing Surface Pro 4.

Panay says that the company isn’t going to release a new device just to fulfil the need of annual upgrades, but will release a new device when it has something meaningful to offer to its consumers – like an innovative design or extensive battery life or something else along those lines.

Surface Pro 5 won’t see light of the day this year – that’s what we believe – and if that does turn out to be true, Surface Pro 4 is your best bet right now. Head to any online retailer or Microsoft or and buy your Surface Pro 4 at impressive discount.

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