Ecological parks have a lot to offer and nature lovers find them as a great place of retreat. Taking ecological parks to the next level is China where Shiyanhu Ecological Park is now offering a chance to see people attending nature’s call.

Yes, you are read it right! The solar-powered glass bathrooms opened in the Shiyan Hu Ecological Park provides an amazing view of the forest and of course other people using the facility (pun intended)! The bathrooms, two dozen in number, comprises of both male and female facilities.

This sits right in line with the country’s obsession with glass. They first designed and built world’s ‘longest and highest’ glass-bottom bridge, despite having two other glass bridges in the Tianmenshan National Forest Park in south central China’s Hunan province. Then it was the time for see-through treetop public toilets.


As it goes, the walls dividing different toilets and the doors of the cubicles have been made of frosted one-way glass in order to ensure privacy. However, pictures posted on social media contradict the claim. Moreover, going by reports in the local media, very few visitors have dared to use it.

“The ceiling, the external walls and the floor in the public areas are made of see-through glass in order to maximise the viewing experience”, said a spokesperson for the ecological park.

Along with toilets, eight additional urinals have also been installed in the premises overlooking the forests inside the park in the Golden Turtle Island. “We want to build public toilets that are different from all the others, following the low-carbon, environmental philosophy,” he added.

The CCTV’s post on their Facebook page drew criticism and surprise from many users. While some termed it “foolish” others said “some things should remain personal”.

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