On May 2 we most certainly won’t be seeing launch of a the new Surface Book (read Surface Book 2) and that’s because we haven’t been hearing any chatter in retailer groups of an eminent launch.

Microsoft’s next event is centred around education and while report indicate that the event will be mostly about Windows 10 Cloud, new affordable hardware (new Surface laptops) that will run Windows 10 Cloud out of the box, and few software pertaining to education, we haven’t heard anyone scream Surface Book 2. Also, no substantial discounts are being offered on Surface Book 2-in-1 anyone on the Internet suggesting that there isn’t going to be a Surface Book 2 on May 2.

What could we see on May 2? A new range of Surface laptops with average hardware could be the focus alongside the Windows 10 Cloud OS. Microsoft has been eyeing the education niche for quite some time now and that’s evident from the various deals it has been offering to school and college going kids as well as the education industry as a whole. [Surface Book prices have been reduced slightly.]

Microsoft’s competitor Google has been making advances in the education segment as well and one of its strongest points is the Chrome OS powered Chromebooks from a number of third party vendors. These Chromebooks are being offered at a much lower price point than a Windows PC and that’s effectively one of the reasons why students from all walks of life can purchase one and advance their learning. Cloud based apps from Google are working out great for students.

A Surface Pro 5 powered by Windows 10 Cloud could be on the cards as well, but that’s a long shot considering that Microsoft might not want to ruin the premium feel of its Surface Pro family of two-in-ones.

Microsoft’s event on May 2 is targeting education and we would likely see Surface Book (non-detachable) at a lower price point than what is currently available in the market. Microsoft already has productivity apps in the cloud and that’s something that could help Microsoft sell its new Surface laptops.

As far as the Surface Book 2 is concerned, there is no official word from Microsoft. We could have speculated that Microsoft is releasing the Surface Book over the course of next few weeks, but that’s not the possibility because prices of the original Surface Book are still high and no price cuts are in sight.

If you don’t fancy any of this, Surface Pro 4 could be a great option considering that it is being sold off at 25 per cent discounts.

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