The upcoming iPhone 8 device has become a victim of many rumors and new leaks which are constantly getting posted. As the release date of iPhone 8 is approaching soon all the interested users are keen to know more and more details about the device will influence their purchasing decision.

One of the recent leaks have provided a hint that iPhone 8 device will have OLED panel display and to achieve this Apple will seek the help of LG. While digesting this news, one more leak which is unveiled today says that iPhone 8 will have facial recognition ability, will flaunt its bezel-less screen. This leak is confirmed by HomePod.

The newly released leak suggest that iPhone 8 will ditch all the existing technologies like the need for entering the password or the use of fingerprint sensor to unlock the device. The iPhone 8 screen will be bezel-less providing the aesthetic feel and appealing look to the device. The bezel-less display will help Apple to compete with its rival Samsung which is also launching a new Galaxy Note 8 device during the same period.

The leak also hinted about the upcoming HomePod smart speaker’s firmware. This HomePod will be revealed this year. This Home Pod also features the code which contains details related to upcoming iPhone devices. Many leaks released until now says the device will be priced at $1000 and above, Apple will eliminate Touch ID feature, the iPhone 8 will flaunt its bezel-less display and much more.

All these rumors and leaks are creating more interest in the user’s mind. Apple was seen to be working on 3D facial recognition technology which will be used to unlock the device. This new technology by Apple will eliminate the existing technology of fingerprint sensor which is most common today.

Moreover, it is expected that all the 3 iPhone models which are scheduled to be launched in September namely iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will flaunt a bezel-less display screen. But concrete details related to all these iPhone devices is not yet confirmed by the company and we have to wait till its release.

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