Google has pushed out an update for its Nest app enabling users to view the Nest cam live video feed on Apple TV as well as Android TV while also enabling users to create video clips and share them.

This nifty update means that users will be able to share some of those precious moments like birthday celebrations or fun holiday moments with their friends and family. One thing to note though is that the new Instaclip feature is only available to those who have subscribed to the Aware subscription service.

Google notes in the updated description of the app that the feature automatically detects any interesting moment for its users to create a short video clip and share it through Nest App.

The update also allows iOS users to capture snapshots alongside activity alerts, which was previously only available on Android devices. Also, the update brings a new button to the app that allows users to switch the live video feed to portrait and full-screen viewing mode and help users avoid the hassle of turning on the auto rotate option on their iPhones.

Apple’s 4th generation TV users can finally download the new Nest App from the app store to view their live video feed on the big screen. It is worth noting that Nest has yet to integrate the support of HomeKit in its devices which will integrate the live video and several other functionalities to the iPhone maker’s home automation hub.

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