Nearly half of the Canadians want illegal migrants to be deported from Canada, a recent poll by Reuters found.

In recent times, a large number of people seeking asylum have been found crossing Canadian border and staying in the country illegally. This issue has raised concern among Canadians, which is well reflected from the result of the poll that has also put a question on how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is handling national security.

According to the statistics, 48 per cent people have firmly supported the deportation of illegal immigrants, while 36 per cent people have shown their readiness to grant immigrants refugee status to live in Canada. Approximately 1700 people have been claimed to cross the US-Canadian border as refugees in the first two months of 2017, reported by the Canadian Border Services Agency. Number of refugees entering Canadian border is increasing with every passing year which has raised concern among the Canadian citizens.

However, the government of Canada has a target of granting refugee status to 300,000 people for the year 2017, but illegal migration is raising concern and making Canadians feel less safe. Spokesperson of the Ministry of Public safety said that illegal immigrants are being detained and crossing the border and staying in Canada illegally is not to be tolerated for which the detention process is under action.

The poll also found that illegal immigrants who sought asylum earlier in the United States had fled to Canada after Trump took charge of the White House.

In a similar poll by Reuters, it has been found out that Canadians prioritize this issue as one of the top national concerns over unemployment, poverty and healthcare.

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