Ford Mustang’s Ford Sync 3 has been blessed with the capability to recognize Chinese handwriting making it easier for Ford’s Chinese customers to search and reach their destination quickly.

Mustang’s SYNC 3 infotainment system will now understand ancient Chinese handwriting characters with the help of swipe finger system and also recognize the speech with improved voice recognizing system. In addition to that SYNC 3 will now be able to take commands in Mandarin Chinese for playing music and selecting destination to give better driving experience.

Before SYNC 3 was introduced in China, pinyin system of writing was used for inputting Chinese characters which will have multiple characters to select and an analogous pronunciation for entering command and destination, which made the system slow and less friendly with driver especially the old age Chinese drivers who face difficulty in using pinyin.

To save user time and to accurate the searching time the SYNC 3 has synchronized more than 2500 commonly used characters and words in Chinese and different writing habits with automatic association technology.

The SYNC 3 is so developed that it can now understand Chinese written at an angle of 15 degree. That means when the driver is driving the car and needs to find the destination than he or she can write the destination while driving and the SYNC 3 will understand the writing and will set the destination. One can also zoom-in and zoom-out by just pinching the 8-inch display.

The American Muscle Car Mustang was first introduced in Asia in 2015. Since then the sale of Mustang is gradually increasing in China with 45 percent of growth in 2016. Now the Ford Mustang best selling sports coupe in the country.

In China many Cars sold by Ford including Focus and Taurus Limited Edition passenger cars, the Edge, Kuga, and Explorer SUVs now feature SYNC 3 with Chinese handwriting recognition technology.

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