Mozilla has prepping to ditch Windows XP and Vista from the list of operating system supported by Firefox with the last date being the end of September 2017.

The final few months of support for the two ‘dead’ operating systems was revealed by Mozilla in a blog post wherein it said that in March 2017, Firefox for the two operating systems will enter the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR). By the middle of the year, Mozilla will review its stand again by reviewing the number of users who are still using Firefox on Windows XP and Vista and then announce the final support end date. For enterprise users, September 2017 has to be considered as the end of support for Windows XP and Vista.

Mozilla is recommending users to jump ship and upgrade to an operating system that is currently being supported so as to avoid being hacked.

The September 2017 deadline will likely mean that Mozilla will not offer any security updates for Windows XP and Vista users. However, it doesn’t mean that the browser will stop working on XP or Vista in September. However, with no new security updates being offered, users will be at a much higher risk of being infected with a malware because the vulnerabilities will not be patched by Mozilla.

Windows XP and Vista still have a combined share of nearly 10 per cent (Windows XP 8.63 per cent and Windows Vista 1.1 per cent). Users of these operating systems are already at risk and with Firefox deciding to pull the plug by not supporting these operating systems post September 2017 users of these operating systems will be at a greater risk considering that their gateway to the Internet (browser) won’t be secured either.

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