Rumor and leaks suggest that is it not the time for Surface Pro 5 launch, but instead a Surface Pro 4 refresh will be making its way to the shelves in a few weeks from now.

Thanks to one of the most well known product previewer – as we would like to call him – Evan Blass, the next Surface Pro device that will be making it to the shelves is a Surface Pro 4 refresh possibly called just Surface Pro 4. While Blass didn’t reveal anything about Surface Pro 5, a Surface Pro 4 refresh release at this time would indicate that Surface Pro 5 isn’t going to come anytime soon – and this sits about right with the statement made by Surface chief Panos Panay who stated that Microsoft didn’t have anything like a Pro 5 at this time.

Blass leaked a number of photos of what he says is the new Surface Pro that will launch at the event being held by Microsoft soon. Blass says that it is the end of Pro 4 as the new device will simply be called Surface Pro. [Grab a Surface Pro 4 at discounted price.]

The leaked images reveal a device that isn’t different from Surface Pro 4 from the looks and design perspective. One thing that is noticeable is that there is no USB-C connector suggesting that Microsoft hasn’t yet joined the USB-C bandwagon. This sits in line with what we had heard from Paul Thurrott who had said that the next Surface Pro will stick to the original Surface Connector and will not have USB-C connector. While Thurrott said it will be a Surface Pro 5, it turns out that his informant may have been little off with the naming of the new two-in-one as it is just a Surface Pro and not Surface Pro 5.

Whatever the case maybe, Surface Pro 5 or just Surface Pro, what we can say with a certain degree of certainty that with a couple of leaks from well-informed sources a new Surface Pro is going to be launched soon and the days of Surface Pro 4 are over. Grab one if you still fancy one because the prices are being reduced drastically.

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