A teenage boy, who was given cannabis or marijuana by his mother, has survived a rare and aggressive form of leukemia. Callie Blackwell , the mother confessed that she decided to give her son marijuana to ease his pain and anxiety while he lay dying in the hospital bed.

While describing how she managed to give her son marijuana, she explained that requested the doctor for a prescription for cannabis-based painkiller. On being refused she and her husband met with a dealer and prepared it at home in a pressure cooker using instructions available online. She also revealed that she had nothing to lose by trying this strategy. The consequences weren’t expected but she was thrilled and vividly blown out of her mind.

In her new book – The Boy in Seven Billion – Callie narrates the story of her 10-year old son being diagnosed with leukemia in 2010 and Langerhans Cell Sarcoma two years later. Deryn, the son, is thought to be the only person to have had both conditions at the same time. Callie will also describe the ‘frightening’ experience finding Cannabis and administering it to their son.

deryn cancer
Deryn Blackwell during his cancer treatment (Twitter / @_doeverything)

After marijuana was successfully administered, Deryn claimed that the pain had decreased a little and he felt more relaxed. She also observed that Deryn’s finger that had turned black began to heal. These alterations were visible without a functional immune system and no plausible way of fighting the infection.

Wai liu, a senior cancer research fellow at St George’s University of London infers that chemicals found in cannabis such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that possess anti-cancer properties. He adds that there is something worth exploring and a couple of scientists are working on it.

Cancer experts still do not advise marijuana to be consumed to fight cancer. They claim that a thorough research needs to be conducted to be assuring enough for people to expect positive outcomes. Research until now is shaky and mixed. Emma Smith, science information manager for Cancer Research UK contemplates that Marijuana has different effects on different types of cancer.

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