Microsoft has confirmed that it is hosting an event about Windows 10 and its future on October 26 by sending out invites to all major media outlets.

From the invite it seems that the event is more or less about Windows 10 and chances are that the Surface Pro 4 maker could show off some new hardware; however, the possibility of Surface smartphones is low. October, for Microsoft, has been all about Surface hardware and we anticipate at least one Surface device to be launched during the event – either a new tablet or a smartphone.

Reports including one from ZDNet suggest that Microsoft will be talking more about Windows 10 and less about hardware with the focus primarily on Windows 10 Redstone 2 update. Once the software talk is done, there could be a couple of hardware announcement, but mostly it will be OEM hardware and chances of Surface devices are low. OEMs have been waiting for Intel’s seventh generation processors and now as they are out, they could show off a few hybrids, all-in-ones and notebooks powered by the latest processor and Windows 10.


Considering there is no official information on what will be on agenda except the Windows 10 bit, rumours have started flowing in with one claiming that the event will see Microsoft talk about cross platform gaming strategy tying Xbox deeper into Windows 10. The same report from The Verge also notes that Microsoft isn’t too keen on a Surface Pro refresh and instead will give OEMs the opportunity to show off their devices.

Lately, Microsoft has taken great deal of time to unify Windows 10 across platforms and recently delivered Project Centennial – which acts as a bridge between traditional Windows program and Windows Store apps – and this could be one of the talking points as well.

If you are invested on Microsoft’s Windows 10 ecosystem or invested on Forza Motorsport then this event might set the future of both the platform – which are technically becoming one. Microsoft’s event is scheduled for October 26 at 10 AM Eastern time and do stay tuned for more updates just ahead of the launch.

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