Surface Pro 4 has impressed fans and critics alike and with a successful holiday season in late 2016, the stage is set for the launch of Surface Pro 5 and to take the two-in-one game to the next level for Microsoft.

However, with no official statements or reports releasing, the wait for Surface Pro 5 is getting unbearable considering that rumors and speculations do not cease to ‘torture’ us with what will the Surface Pro 5 have or what it won’t have. Surface Pro 5 will be the fifth in the Surface Pro line-up and is highly anticipated because of the range of options that Microsoft has in terms of equipping its Surface Pro 4 successor with top of the line hardware and features.

If we get to the point, the Surface Pro 5 is expected to launch in Spring 2017 – if we are to believe the rumours. As far as pricing is concerned, we believe it won’t be much more expensive than the Surface Pro 4, so it would be safe to bet that prices would be almost the same as its predecessor.

Why Spring 2016 launch? We believe Microsoft would want to show off the power and features of its upcoming major update to Windows 10 through something that it has built – in terms of the hardware. The delay in this major update to Spring 2017 makes us believe that Surface Pro 5 would be released during the same time and Satya Nadella would take the stage to flaunt the Windows 10 update running on the latest Surface Pro 5 and possibly even the Surface Book 2.

Soon after Intel launched its Kaby Lake processors, reports started flowing in that Surface Pro 5 will be powered by this particular processor. Patents then surfaced that claimed to show that Microsoft will have an upgraded Surface Pen stylus that features a rechargeable battery system. The patent points to a magnetic charging dock where the Surface Pen be charged – seemingly with connectors meant for a Surface Dock mounting.

Considering there has been no official word about Surface Pro 5, these are the features that we would like to see:

Surface Pro 5 with improved battery life

Microsoft claims that its Surface Pro 4 offers a battery backup of up to 9 hours and while real-life tests haven’t really achieved those marks, we believe that Surface Pro 5 can achieve those and beyond levels. To offer greater battery life, Surface Pro 5 will have to go for Intel Kaby Lake processors. Intel has claimed and even shown that its Kaby Lake processors offer a notebook a battery life of 9.5 hours while continuously looping video.

4K display on Surface Pro 5

Intel Kaby Lake processors natively support 4K and this effectively means that Surface Pro 5 could very well have a 4K display if Microsoft decides to offer stunning visuals to its customers.

Enhanced mobility with eSIM on Surface Pro 5

This is something of an emerging technology and will be nice to see Microsoft becoming of the first major hybrid manufacturer to adopt it. With eSIM, the SIM cards are standardized in mobile devices based on hardware. This effectively means that consumers more freedom and less obligation when choosing a data provider because eSIM automatically switches to the plan in the country where the user is located. While the average John Doe might not see this as a huge thing, business users among whom the Surface Pro 5 will be a hit will definitely find the technology useful and much needed.

If you are waiting for a Surface Pro 5, it could be at least a 6 months wait, so why not buy a Surface Pro 4 instead at impressive discounts.

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Lawrence John is a senior editor at TopExaminer. He has worked in the retail industry for more than 8 years. He loves to write detailed product reviews.

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  1. Congrats — you guys win my “Clickbait of the Day” award. I broke my Surface Pro 3 and NEED the 5 — Guess I figure if I keep clicking on these that Microsoft will get the hint and ship me my unit!

  2. After battery life, the number two feature on my list is improved thermal management. My Surface Pro 3 throttles so often during browsing and video playback that it feels like having a Ferrari but with brakes on. I know the SP4 improves heat management through liquid cooling, but real-world use is not showing any significant gains. Other features, such as rechargeable pen or higher screen resolution, are welcome but hardly affect the overall experience since the pen battery already lasts many months and the screen resolution is already at the top end.

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