A nuke that is believed to be a Cold War-era “dummy” nuclear bomb and was lost over 65 years ago has been found about 80 kilometres south of Prince Rupert.

The nuke, which was lost after a U.S. aircraft carrying it crashed off the coast of British Columbia in 1950, was spotted by commercial diver Sean Smyrichinsky. According to the diver, he was riding a diving propulsion vehicle high above the rocky ocean floor and that’s when he spotted something that resembled a spherical rock. However, as he got closer, he realised that the object was not natural but was rather man-made and too big to have arrived on small boats.

In a statement to CTVNews.ca, Smyrichinsky said initially he thought it could be a UFO. But that wasn’t the case as after talking with fellow divers he realised that it could be a bomb that was lost in 1950. H reached out to an old friend in the Canadian Forces, who is also an avid diver, and soon after that his story started making rounds in the Canadian military. After this he was told to contact a lieutenant colonel at CFB Esquimalt.

According to the Department of National Defence, the object found by Smyrichinsky is most likely a B4 weapon with a dummy lead capsule that was carried by U.S. Air Force B-36 aircraft that crashed in the area on Feb. 13, 1950.

The Canadian Navy has said that naval officials aboard HMCS Yellowknife will carry out investigation over the next several weeks with Smyrichinsky guiding the vessel to the site. The officials will be using a remote operated vehicle to capture photos and videos of the object on the ocean floor.

According to DND spokesperson Ashley Lemire the bomb that was lost in 1950 didn’t contain any nuclear material and hence the bomb that has been lying there on the ocean floor for more than 65 years isn’t radioactive. The bomb was packed with lead, not plutonium and TNT.

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