The CyanogenMod fork – Lineage OS – has been slowly garnering front page news spots as the team makes progress with the latest being a new logo.

The team behind Lineage OS first uploaded the new logo to the Lineage OS Github account and soon after that we got to see the new logo on the project’s official site. As of now, while the team isn’t providing day-to-day updates, the project is progressing well and in preparation for the release of the builds, the team is looking for build slaves and build mirrors.


First let’s look at the new logo. Lineage OS’s new logo almost has a cyan-like colour from Cyanogen and symbolically represents itself as a ‘fork’. The fork here is not the one you need to eat salad but instead, the fork here represents the forks, also known as variations to the original code or software or mobile operating system in this case. This fork probably symbolises the split, yet the survival after the downfall of CyanogenMod or it could even represent the entire Android landscape in addition to the Linux development landscape.

The team has also sought build slaves and build mirrors to prepare in advance for the release of the builds, which they have said won’t be happening just yet. The team is seeking build slaves able to finish (and upload) make clean && make dist within an hour, and be capable of running docker. Further the team is also looking for build mirrors that have a minimum 100mbit network connectivity, 1gbit preferred; minimum 500GB storage space; and connections that are non-capped and with static IPs and must be in some sort of professional hosting company (ie, datacenter, colocation facility, ISP, university, etc).

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