Ex-managers of Johnny Depp have claimed that the Hollywood star is being fed lines through an earpiece so he doesn’t have to memorize his scripts.

These claims surfaced in a new court filling amidst a bitter battle between Depp and his ex-managers. Depp is suing his mangers of mismanaging his money and the ex-managers are counter-suing him claiming that the actor paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to employ a sound engineer to read him his lines on film sets. Apparently, the actor has been practicing this method for couple of years now where a person feeds him lines during film production. The court document was filed on Monday.

According to the papers written by attorney Michael Kump on behalf of the management Group’s Joel and Robert Mandel, “Depp insisted that this sound engineer be kept on yearly retainer so that he no longer had to memorize his lines.”

According to reports, they claim he spent more than$75m to acquire and improve on his 14 residences, including a chain of islands in the Bahamas, multiple houses in Hollywood and a 45-acre chateau in southern France. They also say he has acquired 45 luxury vehicles, 70 collectible guitars and enough Hollywood memorabilia to fill 12 storage facilities.

They allege that Depp spends up to $1.2m a year for a ‘personal on-call physician’ and ‘millions more to employ an army of attorneys.’ They also dismissed a so-called ‘laughable’ claim that Depp spends around $30,000 a month on wine as an investment. Their argument being “Wine is not an investment if you drink it as soon as you buy it.”

A lawyer who represents Depp described these allegations as ‘psychobabble’. A statement from Adam Waldman said: “This is how guilty people respond when confronted with detailed analysis of a nine-month legal and forensic investigation conducted by four firms.”

He originally sued them for fraud but in an amended complaint filed on Monday, the firm said that they did everything possible to protect Depp from his own irresponsible and profligate spending before he fired them in March 2016.

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