The International Space Station is a wonder in space and while it serves as a space lab for experiments that can’t be performed on Earth, it also acts as a platform for astronauts to showcase their photography skills.

In one such display of photography talent, Expedition 50 astronaut Thomas Pesquet snapped Budapest from the space lab and beamed back a stunning image captioned ”Both sides of the Danube showing Buda & Pest in 1 picture… #Budapest! #Budapest, capitale thermale sur le Danube” on January 23. The image is embedded above and check out the tweet below:

International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) can be easily seen from Earth without the need for any special equipment provided that you are at the right place at the right time.

To view the space station, it must be 40 degrees or more above the horizon. The space station is visible because it is reflecting light from the Sun – which means even when the Moon hasn’t risen, you’ll still be able to see the space station. However, unlike the Moon, the space station isn’t bright enough to see during the day. It can only be seen when it is dawn or dusk at your location. Sighting opportunity can range from one a month to several a week, since it has to be both dark where you are, and the space station has to happen to be going overhead. It is the third brightest object in the night sky.

It looks like a fast-moving plane only much higher and traveling thousands of miles an hour faster or a very bright star moving across the sky, except it doesn’t have flashing lights or change direction.

The space station circles the Earth every 90 minutes, travelling at about 17,500 miles (28,000 km) per hour, which gives the crew 16 sunrises and sunsets every day. Till date, 226 individuals from 18 countries have visited the space station.

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