Both the happening smartphones of Apple, iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus are struggling for its existence in the market. iPhone 8 Plus rolled out into the market on September 22nd and iPhone X on October 27th. Unlike other Android smartphones, Apple never pressurizes on its specifications. This is the reason why it stands different from the entire crowd.

According to iFixit reports, iPhone 8 Plus will have a 3GB RAM size having battery size of 2691mAh. While, on the other hand, the battery size of iPhone X is 2716mAh. That means battery size of iPhone X will be slightly greater than iPhone 8 Plus.

The certification site of China, Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center (Tenaa) is essentially known for exposing genuine news. It reveals the battery size of iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus as 2691mAH and 2,715mAH respectively.

It is a bit different in the battery size of smartphones mentioned on both the sites. Apple revealed in a press conference that iPhone X will have an in-built L-shaped battery. Size of both the smartphones is almost same. But, still, iPhone X leads iPhone 8 by one quality of maximized battery life.

But, will this work? As iPhone X has a better battery as compared to iPhone X plus, that doesn’t mean iPhone X will have a longer life. All the other functionalities are same in both the models. Moreover, it adds pretty decent features such as face recognition technology and TrueDepth Camera. The display screen of iPhone X is bigger while iPhone 8 is a bit smaller.

OLED display will be much better in iPhone X as compared to LCD screen. This is still a mystery till we actually hold the phones in our hand. Tenna reveals Phone 8 will come with 2GB RAM size while iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus with 3GB RAM.

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