Google caught in another controversy related to the same issue which led them to face an allegation and payment of fine for $2.7 billion in the European Union. Recently, Google was fined by the European Union for breaking the anti-trust and consumer protection laws which ended them to pay a heavy fine and suffer a huge setback in their returns. There are investigations initiated by the government related to linkages with the connections of Russia controversy and various another breaking of anti-trust and consumer protection laws by the regulatory bodies. In the past, the tech giants would manage to maintain their reputation and hide their inabilities to abide with the rules and regulations of the regulatory authorities under the pretext of campaign contributions and get it written of their financial books as part of the business expenses and appointing various lawyers and law firms to manage critical conditions. But this situation is taking a turnaround and it is becoming difficult for these tech giants to continue their traditional activities and possibly pushing back abiding by the rules and regulations of the regulatory authorities.

This situation prevailed in the market since it was difficult for the regulatory authorities to project the demand and innovations sustaining in the current market and the development which is exceeding their possible expectations. The tech giant companies have continues to take advantage of the loopholes and conveniently execute their business activities by fulfilling the basic or traditional requirements of the regulatory bodies. For instance, it was difficult to understand if the drivers of the ride-hailing tech giant, Uber were their employees or contractors who are providing their services to the company and the customers. This has led to a lot of confusion due to variations in the laws and policies of the countries. For instance, this similar issue in the UK was filed by the employees and the employee tribunal confirmed that the drivers providing their services through Uber are unquestionably the employees of the company.

There are no alterations to the status of this issue in many other countries which indicates that the tech firms doesn’t have the liberty now to perform their business activities by taking undue advantage of the loopholes in the rules and regulations. The allegations were about the breakage of the privacy of the customers and leaking of the data to the companies for promotional and sales activities. This leads to a threat to the customer’s privacy which is the primary focus of the regulatory authorities to protect the interest of the customers. According to the regulatory authorities, the tech sector encounters many new budding companies entering the sector as very young and possibly inexperienced which leads to ignorance of fulfillment of many regulatory requirements.

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