Interactive Mirrors Market: Mirrors have always been a relatively integral part of our lives, and the introduction of interactive multi-touch mirrors brings about a whole new way we will look at ourselves and connect with the rapidly evolving world we live in. This new and innovative technology allows us to interact with the world around us via a frameless solution that can be integrated into both, modern and traditional interiors. These products are ideal for changing rooms in malls and retail stores, and serve as exhibition display stands for branding and merchandising themes in showrooms etc. Interactive mirrors comprise touch sensitive surfaces and can display a range of high resolution enterprising and interactive content and graphics, videos, and other control options and have all the features of a smartphone. These innovative features are accessible when the power supply is on, but function as regular or conventional mirrors when powered down.

Smart mirrors made their advent in the automobile industry and initially served to display information such as newsfeeds, music list, calendar etc., and also featured Bluetooth connectivity. From there on, technological innovation and R&D has resulted in the arrival of more advanced and smarter products for application in other sectors and industries. As the technology progresses and awareness of the various benefits and advantages grows, an increasing number of new players and electronic devices manufacturers are entering the market owing to the high revenue potential these products offer. Interactive mirrors have been witnessing increasing adoption in sectors such as retail, healthcare, and residential in the very recent past, and the trend is expected to continue well into the future, especially in developed and some developing countries.

Besides being a popular option for the bedroom and bathroom, interactive mirror technology is rapidly finding popularity in the retail sector. Retailers around the world are adopting this innovative technology to project images of various items or products to potential customers in 2D and 3D video mapping forms. This product also enables saving costs on multiple display mediums or advertising options, and can be programmed to display an array of products.

Also, customer experience is dramatically improved as they can make more informed purchase decisions by browsing using the touchscreen interactive surface. Moreover, enhanced 3D movie viewing experience on an interactive mirror is also a major selling point.

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Currently, the market in Europe accounts for majority of the global market revenue share, followed by North America. Demand for smart mirrors for application in sectors such as automobile, retail, and consumer is a major driver for revenue growth. However, revenue from the market in APAC is expected to register a significantly high incline over the next five years owing to small start-ups entering the market. Markets in Latin America and Middle East & Africa is expected to witness low growth owing to certain restrictions with regard to fashion and dressing sense. However, demand for automobiles will continue to remain robust in GCC countries, thereby driving demand for smart mirrors over the forecast period.

Some major players in the market include Ad Notam AG, Gentex Corp., Alke, Magna International Inc., Evervue, Panasonic, Pro Display, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Seura Tech2o, and Toshiba Corp.

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