As per the report analysed by researchers on Saturday, heavy doses of steroid won’t be helpful for the kids suffering from asthma flare-ups, in fact, this might be an obstacle for their growth. Same is applicable in case of adults, describes the reports published in the New England Journal of Medicine and presented at an allergy meeting.

However, Dr. Elizabeth Matsui, professor of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University says that it’s just a common practice, provided it shouldn’t be considered in the long term. To be more specific, the regular intake of these doses, that is inhalation of glucocorticoids especially in youngsters is not permitted as per the guidelines. But, if you communicate with the asthma experts it’s just a common practice, he added.

Further causes of asthma include a person allergic to something, or even after a heavy workout. In such cases, patients need to take an utmost care. As we are aware of this illness, it has been a major problem. Either, you have to include the inhaler in case you have severe asthma attacks or some cases even asthma pills can work.

While, Dr. Daniel Jackson of the University of Wisconsin school of medicine and colleagues, decided to test the benefits of controlling asthma by what’s referred to as the “Yellow zone” when the signs and symptoms have worsened, and it’s now not just as asthma “attack”, meaning this could suggest in taking inhaler for quick relief or even you can feel sleepy due to asthma attack.

Recently, a study was done on 192 kids from age 5 to 11, related to an asthma attack, by treating them with controller medications known as glucocorticoids at least once in the year for a severe asthma attack. In addition, some cases they used Flovent, a frequently used inhaler for a bronchial asthma attack. Two small doses of Flovent that is 44 micrograms per shot, two times a day. But, in case this situation reaches the yellow zone, either you had to stay on the normal doses or continue to take five times a day. However, symptoms were not reduced due to quintuple doses of Flovent rather had an adverse effect, as per the reports provided by Jackson’s team.

Well, as per the researchers a careful management will always be helpful in controlling the asthma patients, instead of simply going for inhalers frequently.

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